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Dawn To Dusk In East Africa

I have always been fascinated by the wilderness and the exotic terrains of Africa, it’s existence with the abundant wildlife and the lanky, courageous Maasai tribes alongside. It was sheer passion and encouragement from my friends and family that influenced this trip to East Africa over many other alternative destinations. Africa has been a photographer’s delight for many years, and being an amateur photographer, I was excited to escape from my daily business routines and culminate my hobby for greater creative satisfaction.

Amongst many pictures taken in East Africa encompassing landscapes, people and wildlife, portraying their emotions, their lifestyles, their simplicity, their ferociousness, their dormant silence and their exuberant nature, it gives me pleasure in providing a selection of those, based on specific timeline as incidents happened across the six national parks that I visited then (June-July 2013). All the photographs were sequenced in such a manner that brings up a story as a day’s outing in the wild. All pictures have been taken randomly, framing them at their purest form and then compiled across a timeline. The captions given are reflections of my instant thoughts on seeing it first. Hope it is as much enjoyable to you as it was to me while experiencing it.

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